Rocklyn 360 Apartments

Fort Worth, Texas

ERW Site Solutions partnered with our longstanding customer Carlton Construction to develop this amazing property just off the Trinity River in Fort Worth, Texas. Carlton Construction owns, develops, and builds high-quality multifamily assets across the South and Southwest United States.
650 FT. LONG




90 Days


We helped Carlton Construction design, engineer and build a 650 foot long / 40 foot tall retaining wall to support this vast multi-family development project on the Trinity River.

The location of Rocklyn 360 Apartments, right up against the Trinity River, presented many design, engineering and construction challenges. However, working with Wallace Wittworth at Carlton Construction, we were able to bring their vision for this multi-family project to life.

“This project presented us with many challenges. There were so many moving parts and complexities, not to mention the sheer size and scale of the retaining wall. But we did it, and man that wall is a sight to be behold.”

Randy O’Neal, CEO at ERW Site Solutions

The entire development site was built on and reinforced by the retaining wall structure that our team built before the rest of the project could get started.

The cornerstone of the project was an amazing retaining wall. On top of which the apartment complex and amenities would reside. Carlton Construction partnered with ERW Site Solutions to design a wall that would serve as the solid foundation for the entire project. The wall is 650 feet long, 40 feet tall and it is one of the largest retaining walls built in the state of Texas.

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