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When we engage with customers, the first thing we do is capture their vision.

We use these insights to guide and shape every recommendation we make and everything we do from that point forward. Here are just a few examples of how we have helped our customers achieve their definition of success across a wide-range of development projects.

Novak Brothers

Landscape & Irrigation


Retaining Walls

Novak Customer Success Story

Jim Cramer
Co-Founding Partner at Novak Brothers

Jim Cramer is a co-founding partner at Novak Brothers, a best in class real estate operating company with industry-leading capabilities across residential, office, multifamily, retail and hospitality. Jim has more than 30 years’ experience in designing, building and developing exceptional residential and commercial properties for nationally known builders, including NVHomes, Zaring and Regency Homes. As an NCARB-certified licensed architect, he is intimately involved in the design and construction of Novak Brothers properties. Focusing on rich details and welcoming spaces, he believes in the power of comfortable, relaxing environments to bring balance to the chaos of modern life.

“We chose LandTec the first day we needed a landscape partner for our properties. That was 10 years ago and they are the only partner we have used since.  They are fabulous at what they do.”

Jim Cramer, Co-Founding Partner at Novak Brothers

Jim’s Experience Working with LandTec

For more than a decade, LandTec and Novak Brothers have partnered to develop many of the most beautiful properties in the state of Texas. Novak Brothers trusts that LandTec has the expertise and resources required to support every type of project they undertake. From the Texas Brownstones (residential development) to The Summit at Rivery Park (mixed-use development) and so many more — LandTec has delivered landscaping and irrigation that perfectly complements the architectural design and vision that Novak aspired to achieve.

Today, Jim and the team at Novak know that LandTec will deliver quality results — no matter how difficult the project is — every time.

In fact, Jim says, “LandTec is creative and they help us throughout the planning and development process. When we run into roadblocks, they always come up with ways to overcome those challenges and deliver innovative solutions that align with our desired outcomes. They are responsive, professional and the service is excellent.”

“Having been in the property development business for more than 47 years, I know how important it is to have a partner you can trust. I have complete confidence in LandTec and would recommend them to any firm looking for a partner that delivers the perfect blend of service, quality and value.”



Rampart Customer Success Story

Clay Thompson
Principal at Rampart

Clay Thompson, has more than 25 years of experience in the commercial and multi-family construction industry. As a Principal at Rampart, Clay oversees the operations of the DFW office and is responsible for implementing policies, procedures and organizational structure according to desired company goals. Since 2004, the Rampart family of companies have been industry leaders in multifamily construction throughout the state of Texas. Headquartered in Dallas/Fort Worth with additional offices in Austin and Houston, the Rampart team has successfully completed over 104 Multifamily projects, totaling over 24,000 residential units, and exceeding $2.5B in construction cost.

“Retaining walls and rock walls are critical parts of the projects that we work on. Structural integrity and aesthetic appeal are so important. ERW consistently delivers on both of these fronts. That’s why they do all of our rock walls. Our engineers trust the engineering team at ERW. They know ERW designs the soundest, most aesthetically pleasing walls in the industry.”

Clay Thompson, Principal at Rampart

Clay’s Experience with ERW Site Solutions

Rampart and ERW Site Solutions have been delivering world-class multi-family projects together across the state of Texas for more than a decade. Rampart knows why ERW Site Solutions’ reputation in retaining and rock wall work is unsurpassed in the industry. They have experienced it firsthand. That’s why, when Rampart has a project that requires rock work and walls, they know exactly who to call. The trusted partnership between Rampart and ERW Site Solutions has produced a wide-range of premier projects including Affinity Tech Ridge in Austin, Ethos V in Austin, Frisco Station Urban Living in Frisco and The Parkway at Stone Oak in San Antonio. Maybe that’s why Clay says, “Rampart values its long-standing, trusted relationships with ERW. We know they will get the job done and get it done right. From the management team to their engineers and the teams they have in the field … we know they will deliver the highest quality work. You can’t put a price on that.”

Clay went on to say, “We have a really close relationship with the structural engineering team that designs their walls and we’ve been working with them for years. During that time, we have forged long, lasting relationships with the entire team at ERW. They are a partner we trust. We know the ERW team is always going to do the right thing. If we happen to run into challenges, and we rarely do, the team at ERW owns it. They fix it and they make it right. No questions asked. That is rare in this business. More often than not, there is a lot of finger-pointing that goes on. That just doesn’t happen with the team we work with at ERW.”

When you are responsible for delivering multi-million dollar multi-family projects like Rampart, you need to truly trust the partners you choose. In fact, Clay says, “In this business, it really comes down to being confident that your partners can and will deliver. You don’t want to worry about quality, delivery times or staying on budget. That’s why our partnership with ERW is so strong. We have complete confidence they will deliver on all of these fronts … every time.”

“When I think about the relationship we have formed with ERW Site Solutions, what first comes to mind is that they have a reliable, responsive, quality team that is great to work with. They are a truly a trusted, valued partner for Rampart. The greatest testament to the quality of work that ERW Site Solutions delivers is the fact that we’ve never had a customer come back to us with an issue regarding a wall they built — never. And that’s pretty amazing because you can’t say the same thing about the work a lot of other companies deliver in this industry.”