Our people are the bedrock of our company and culture.

At ERW Site Solutions, our people are everything. They drive us. They inspire us. They elevate our company and our customer experience.

What is it like to work at ERW? Well, we believe in the “work hard, play hard” mantra. We value each other. We lift one another up when challenges arise and we celebrate the successes we achieve together. But if you really want to know what it is like to to work here, just ask our incredible team members.

Don Morgan

Fleet Director, Service & Equipment “At ERW, if you do the hard work and deliver results … you are rewarded. You don’t just get lateral moves, but real opportunities to advance your career. The company also has great incentives and in my role I get to play with big boy toys (trucks and equipment) every day. For me, it doesn’t get any better than that!”
Amber Hamilton

Business Development Manager “I worked with LandTec for more than a year as one of their clients. I always enjoyed working with their team. They were so friendly, supportive, and responsive. So, when I heard there was an opportunity at LandTec, I jumped at the chance. I knew they had a great culture and that I would fit right in.”
Project Supervisor “This job presented me with a unique opportunity to learn and grow. It is an exciting place to work. No day is ever quite the same. Each project brings with it new experiences, new people and new places. I really like that. You also feel valued here. You know if you run into challenges or make an error, management always has your back.”

Project Manager & Permit Coordinator “I have gotten to know and get to work with such talented and driven people. In my role, I get to help others reach their goals. It is so fulfilling to see my team members experience success and grow. The best part is when we win, which is quite often, we celebrate those wins together.”

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