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Retaining Walls

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Landscape Maintenance & Job-site Cleanup

Concrete & Foundations

While our legacy is deeply rooted in delivering high quality retaining walls — Today, we are a one-stop-shop construction company who delivers high quality projects in the most efficient manner possible.


Our seasoned value engineering team works directly with your architects, designers and other teams to help you realize your vision and optimize your spend. We also provide you with complete site development services to ensure site surveying, soil testing, site clearing and the overall site development plans align with your definition of success.


ERW Site Solutions has built its entire reputation designing and building best-in-class rock and retaining walls in the industry. Since 1968, our team has delivered thousands of independently engineered retaining walls from Modular Block to Stone Gravity, Big Block and more . No matter what your project requires, ERW will deliver.


Ratliff Hardscape, an ERW Site Solutions company, is the premier provider of construction management, concrete, and masonry services in the state of Texas and throughout the Southeast. Our team provides the diverse services and expertise required to produce the highest quality amenity centers, bridges, columns, concrete trails and paving, masonry walls, water features, pavilions, and so much more.


LandTec, an ERW Site Solutions company, provides you with the professional, quality services you need to complete your construction project. From landscape and irrigation design to installation — we create lasting beauty across your entire property. You will sleep well knowing that our LandTec Landscape & Irrigation experts will ensure your property looks outstanding on day one … and for decades to come.


LandTec Maintenance, an ERW Site Solutions company, delivers the turnkey landscape and irrigation services you need across your construction project. We also provide precise fine grading, slope control and erosion control services that you need to produce a finished surface that is second-to-none. Our team delivers turn-key job site cleanup services to ensure every aspect of your property is ready for the next phase of construction.


Kaufman, an ERW Site Solutions company, is a leading provider of post-tension concrete slab on grade foundations for high-volume home builders. The Kaufman team brings synergistic capabilities to ERW’s integrated portfolio of services and enables us to provide even greater value to our customers in the single-family market.

Why we are the partner of choice for owners, developers and general contractors.

Accelerate Delivery

Improve time-to-market with seamless access to fully integrated services across every job.

Improve Quality

Access best-of-breed services and expertise for specific aspects of your project through a single partner.

Reduce Oversight

Eliminate headaches by centralizing project management across multiple dimensions of the job.

Simplify Contracting

Rapidly execute bids and contracts for the integrated services you need to complete your project.

ERW Site Solutions has brought together the most trusted, best-of-breed brands in the industry to provide you with unsurpassed expertise and unparalleled quality:
Learn how we helped Carlton Construction design, engineer and build a 650’ long / 40’ tall tall retaining wall to support a multi-family development project on the Trinity River in Fort-Worth, TX.
See why Jim Cramer, Co-Founding Partner at Novak Brothers has trusted LandTec for more than a decade to handle the most challenging landscape and irrigation projects.
Get to Know Our Team

“The best part of my job at LandTec is the strong, authentic relationships I have been able to form with my coworkers and customers.”

Shelby Prater, Account Manager at LandTec


What Customers say about their experience with ERW Site Solutions

“ERW does all of our rock walls. Our engineers trust their engineering team. They know ERW designs the soundest, most aesthetically pleasing walls in the industry.”

Clay Thompson, Principal At Rampart

“Having worked in the business for more than 47 years, I know how important it is to have a partner you can trust. I have complete confidence in LandTec and would recommend them to any firm looking for a partner that delivers the perfect blend of service, quality and value.” 

Jim Cramer, Co-founding Partner At Novak Brothers


“Our greater purpose goes well beyond the job site. It’s about improving people’s lives … the lives of those individuals who live, work and play at the properties we help develop … and the livelihood of every ERW team member who does what it takes to achieve our customer’s definition of success every day.”

Randy O’Neal | Chief Executive Officer at ERW Site Solutions