Trusted to construct high-quality post-tension, slab-on-grade concrete foundations.

Kaufman is a leading provider of post-tension concrete slab on grade foundations and comprehensive concrete solutions for high-volume home builders.

Kaufman works with the most respected builders in the Southeast area of the country including: Gehan Homes, Bloomfield Homes, Meritage Homes, Highland Homes, Century Homes, Ashton Woods Homes, Starlight Homes, and Union Main Homes. Our post-tensioned slab on grade is more durable and economical than conventional slab reinforcement. Post-tensioning, which is a form of prestressing, has several advantages over standard reinforcing steel (rebars): It reduces or eliminates shrinkage cracking-therefore no joints, or fewer joints, are needed. All of which add up to higher quality foundations for your project and accelerated delivery schedules.

Our post-tension slab-on-grade (SOG) foundations leverage high-strength steel tendons pulled into tension. 

Tendons are typically greased and encased in a plastic coating.  The grease and plastic coating helps to allow the tendon slide inside the concrete.  Once the concrete has sufficient strength the tendons are stressed using hydraulic jacks to increase tension, compress the concrete adding strength to the foundation.

Concrete shrinks as it cures and this puts internal tensile stress into the concrete. Post tension adds compressive forces that help to overcome the internal tensile forces from shrinkage.  This means fewer cracks and stronger foundations. Other benefits from our approach include:

  • Less concrete and steel than typical reinforced SOG

  • Reduces cracks in the slab

  • A more rigid foundation and can resist movement from high swelling soil