Fortify your project with the industry’s best-in-class rock and retaining walls.

Since 1968, our employees and families have built thousands of independently engineered retaining walls.

Looking for something specific? Modular Block? Stone Gravity? Certain stone type or pattern? No matter what it is, we can build it for you. We are experts at designing and building retaining walls.

Unsurpassed Expertise.

Every one of our projects includes trusted ERW Site Solutions structural engineers. Our structural engineering team collaborates with designers to propose value engineering solutions to customers. This is one way we uncover solutions that will save customers money, speed up the construction schedule or both.

Unparalleled Quality.

You will not find another partner in the state of Texas with more experience and expertise than ERW Site Solutions. We know retaining walls better than anyone else. We have designed, engineered and built retaining walls of all shapes and sizes. Walls for single-family, multi-family, commercial and municipal projects across the Southeast.

Stone Gravity Retaining Walls

These walls are built with massive stones that use the laws of gravity to set in place. This wall resists the forces of soil through the weight and set-back of the rock.

  • Less excavation behind the wall compared to modular block systems
  • A very easy system to adapt to any site or project
  • Fast installation and small footprint
  • Ability to construct free standing pond walls, screen walls, parapet walls

Modular Block Retaining Walls

These dry-stacked walls have a set of interlocking lips that join the blocks together. These systems are designed to automatically establish the angle of the wall off perpendicular, which helps the wall resist the push of soil behind it.

  • Modular block walls are often designed to work with mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) systems
  • Modular blocks come in many different sizes, textures, colors or patterns
  • Modular walls can be built to exceed more than 60 feet in height

Big Block Retaining Walls

Big block retaining walls can be made as either a modular wall or a stone gravity wall, depending on the needs of your project.

  • Looks like very large natural stones, some might say big blocks
  • A big block wall is a superior option for submerged water application
  • Easy Installation

Let’s Build a Wall Together

Please contact one of our sales leads, per the respective type of project, to get started on designing and building your retaining wall. You can contact them via email which is linked below, or by calling 817-330-3545.

Curt Curry

VP, Sales & Estimating

Curt manages the sales for all our multi-family & single family retaining walls. Our multi-family division covers apartments, condos, townhomes, and student housing. Our residential division covers single-family homes, new residential developments, retaining wall rehabilitation and more.